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About Us

We are an Online direct to consumer Investment Platform straddling diverse asset classes and geographies

  • Alphaniti aims to redefine the experience of direct investments by offerings high quality offerings at extremely affordable cost by leveraging on Big Data, Deep domain expertise and Technology.
  • The present product offerings cover a diversified range of Single Stock Ideas, Thematic Investments and Trading Strategies, ETFs and Mutual Funds covering US and India markets.
  • Our extensive range of Investment solutions are data driven & rule based and are carefully designed & rigorously researched and back tested across market cycles to ensure robustness and avoid survivorship bias.
  • We rely entirely on statistical, mathematical and quantitative models that overcome the legacy issues of human bias, emotions and noise.
  • Smart
  • Trustworthy
  • Efficient

Alphaniti is built on the core traits of being Smart, Efficient and Trustworthy.