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  • Registration

    Here are the steps to register & subscribe on Alphaniti:

    • 1. Please visit and click on “START NOW”,if you are a first-time user. Fill in your name, email address, mobile no., referral code (if any) and your state of residence. Click on Sign Up. Enter the OTP received on your registered email/mobile and start using the Alphaniti platform.
    • 2. For existing users, enter your email/ mobile no. and OTP to Log in
    • 3. To begin your investment journey, select any of the unique plans: Value Plus or Xpress.
    • 4. Click the “Subscribe Now” button, select the subscription of your choice and proceed to payment.
  • KYC (US Investments & Digital Advisory)

    1. Why do I need to check my KYC?
      • o As mandated by SEBI – every individual looking to participate in the securities markets (invest in Stocks/ Mutual Funds) must be KYC compliant.
    2. What do I do if I am not KYC compliant? / How do I register for fresh KYC?
      • o If you are not KYC compliant or have not registered for KYC, you can register for KYC through your Broker.
      • o If you have registered for KYC through an execution partner (broker), please wait for 3-5 working days for the registration to be updated. Once your KYC is registered you are compliant to start your journey on Alphaniti.
    3. How long does it take to complete the KYC registration process?
      • o The time taken for a fresh KYC registration varies depending on the mode of registration but generally, the process may take up to 3-5 working days for fresh registration to be updated.
    4. What documents do I need to provide while registering my KYC with the broker?
      • o ID Proof - Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card
      • o Address Proof - Aadhaar Card/ Utility Bill
      • o For LRS Form (for investments made in the US market): Applicant details, Details of withdrawal of foreign exchange & beneficiary details
  • Risk Profile (alphamatter - US & Digital Advisory)

    1. Is it needed?
      • Risk profiler is a framework designed to evaluate the investor’s experience and sensitivity to losses both at the time of market decline and subsequent periods. Getting an accurate risk profile for an investor is critical as it will dictate the investor’s risk rating and ultimately the investment strategy pursued to achieve their financial goals.
    2. How do we assess an investor’s Risk Profile?
      • The questionnaire provides a basis for an in-depth conversation about the investor's knowledge, background, and provokes discussion about reasonable investment objectives. Typically, while deciding on where to invest, investors are not very specific about their objective - for example, when discussing their objectives, many investors want to get high returns, but they expect the investments to be safe and liquid as well. For solving this practical problem, the questionnaire-based methodology helps to calculate the objective with the appropriate risk profile.
      • o Here's a glimpse of the Alphaniti Risk Profile questionnaire:
        • a. What is your age and income bracket?
        • b. What is your investment purpose?
        • c. What is the duration you plan to invest for?
        • d. If Portfolio falls greater than 30% - How are you likely to act?
        • e. What is the worst loss you have seen in your portfolio till date?
      • o Based on the responses selected by the User, the platform generates a risk score and categorizes the User into one of the following categories:
        • a. Very Conservative
        • b. Conservative
        • c. Moderate
        • d. Aggressive
        • e. Very Aggressive
  • Subscription

    1. What are the subscription packages available on Alphaniti?
      • o Xpress*: FLAT Rs. 99 for 6 months (alphagenie)
      • o Value Plus*: FLAT Rs. 999 for 6 months (alphagenie and alphamatter - India) * Prices are exclusive of GST and are subject to change.
    2. How do I pay the subscription fee?
      • o You can pay the subscription fee online through Card payment, Netbanking or UPI.
    3. Can I upgrade my plan in the middle of the subscription period? Can it be adjusted with my previous plan?
      • o Users can upgrade from a lower to a higher plan. For example; a user with a Xpress plan may upgrade to Value Plus. However, we recommend that Users continue with their existing plans till the end of the subscription.
    4. Are there any additional charges besides the subscription fee?
      • o No, Alphaniti does not charge any additional fees besides the subscription charges. However, brokerage and taxes are applicable and charged by the execution partner (broker).
    5. Why do I need to pay a subscription fee?
      • o Alphaniti charges a flat subscription fee irrespective of the amount you invest. There are no additional and/or hidden costs, commissions, charges etc.
  • Execution

    1. How do I buy an alphagenie or alphamatter on Alphaniti?
      • o To buy an alphagenie or alphamatter you need to have an active Trading and Demat account.
      • o Once you have selected the alphagenie or alphamatter, enter the amount you wish to invest.
        • a. In the case of alphagenie – you can either put the Amount or Quantity.
        • b. In the case of alphamatter – there is a minimum investment amount associated with each alphamatter
      • o Select the Execution Partner (broker) you already have an account with – enter your log in details and proceed to execute
      • ! Remember to make sure that your brokerage account is sufficiently funded before you execute an order!
      • o Alphaniti is a Direct Investment Platform. It offers direct distribution services through Alphaniti and digital advisory through a separate SID.
      • o Any alphagenie or alphamatter bought on Alphaniti through your execution partner are held in your Demat account with the execution partner. Your funds are held by your broker, Alphaniti has no access to your funds or your trading account.
        While Alphaniti shows the latest updates on you invested portfolios, the control of your Demat or Trading account lies with the User and the broker
    2. How do I create an account with the execution partner (Broker) on Alphaniti?
      • o On the Execution Partner Pop-up once you select the broker of your choice you will be re-directed to the broker’s Log In / Sign Up page. Click on Sign Up and follow the steps on the screen to complete your registration.
      • o On an average it takes about 1-2 working days to get your brokerage account activated provided you have an active KYC registration.
    3. What if I don’t see my broker on Alphaniti?
      • o If you don’t find the broker of your choice or do not wish to open a fresh account, the platform offers an option to “Save and Track” your portfolio. To use this option, select the alphagenie or the alphamatter to be bought, click on invest, enter the amount and in the Execution Partner pop-up select “Save”.
        Post saving, this portfolio will be visible on your Quick View page.
      • o We are constantly in the process of adding more execution partners to our list, if you do not see the name of the broker, please shoot out a mail to us at and we will try to onboard the broker as soon as we can.
      • o Once your broker has been onboarded to the platform, you can invest your saved portfolios by clicking on “Invest with Broker”.
    4. Who will be the custodian of my stocks or investments?
      • o Your investments lie with the broker who is the custodian of your investments with CDSL/NSDL acting as the depository participants. Your funds are held by your broker, Alphaniti has no access to your funds.
    5. How can I sell my investments?
      • o Once you invest in an alphamatter you should allow a certain minimum time period for optimizing your portfolio performance. However, any security in the alphamatter can be sold directly from your broker account.
      • o If you so choose to sell your investments through your broker account, please do update us by sending an email to
  • Investment Options (India – alphamatter & alphagenie)

    1. What investment options does Alphaniti offer?
      • o We have a high-quality bouquet of carefully crafted alphamatter covering a wide range of stock themes & ideas for the Indian market. It covers an extensive range of investment philosophies across quantitative factors such as Growth, Momentum, Value, Low Volatility etc
      • o Our key investment offerings include:
        • ■ India Investments:
        • alphagenie: Our Single Stock Recommendation engine that offers single stock trade ideas/ signals that straddle different time horizons across small, mid and large cap stocks based on our proprietary research.
        •  alphamatter: : Thematic alphamatters designed through a rigorous bottom-up process for investors who are new to the market but would like to adopt a portfolio-based approach towards taking their first steps in the stock market.
          Keeping in mind every investor's individual temperament & style, we have used cutting edge algorithms to build high-performance portfolios as per each uniquely designed alphamatter
    2. How will I know that the Stop-Loss has triggered?
      • o We will send an alert on your registered email when a stock bought by you on the platform triggers the Stop-Loss. You can also find the details in the Past Trades tab.
      • o Additionally, you can see all trades in the Past Trades tab with the respective time validity of each trade. The trades that have been closed in case of Stop-Loss Triggered/ Time Elapsed/ Target Achieved will also be reflected in Past Trades.
    3. What are the different types of alphamatter?
      • o alphamatters are bifurcated into a collection of stocks grouped under a certain theme, and rule-based quant and data driven portfolio creation methods.
      • o The minimum threshold for both varies from around 10K to 20K. a higher minimum threshold.
    4. Can we invest in an alphamatter again?
      • o Yes, we have the “Buy-more” function available on the Quick View tab which enables the next day after investing in an alphamatter (only available for thematic baskets).
  • Investment Options (US alphamatter)

    1. What do I have to do to invest in the US market?
      • o We focus on the US equity markets via alphamatter as well as well-designed quantitative strategies which have been modeled on investment philosophies of investing legends such as Partha Mohanram, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet.
      • o Once you register on our Alphaniti platform, you can go to the US market tab and select from a choice of top-performing alphamatter.
        Your investments will be executed by you digitally through DriveWealth, a reputed US based broker through the Stockal gateway which carries out the LRS documentation digitally.
    2. What do I have to do to invest in US market?
      • o DriveWealth is our current execution broker, however, we are in the process of integrating our platform with Interactive soon. We would progressively tie-up with other brokers. We have chosen DriveWealth as it is very user-friendly and is quite popular with US investors.
    3. How long will the Investment process take?
      • o It will take 2 business days for your account to get approved. Once approved, you will have to fund the account by transferring money into the brokerage account from your bank account.
      • o Once the funds become available in your brokerage account, you will be able to make investments on Stockal. Feel free to use the extensive research and support available on the platform.
      • o After selling any of your investments, whenever you want to get your money back, just click on "Withdraw" and all your available cash will be sent over to your domestic bank account.
    4. Who will be the custodian of my stocks or investments?
      • o Stockal's US brokerage partner, Drive Wealth, works with Citigroup, New York, for the custody of brokerage accounts.
  • Rebalancing

    1. How often the rebalancing is done and how are the customers informed?
      • o The rebalancing process helps update your portfolio and align it with your chosen alphamatter. The frequency of rebalancing usually depends on the product you have invested in and may vary from monthly to quarterly to half-yearly.
      • o The investments made on Alphaniti are rebalanced on a quarterly periodicity.
      • o Reminder emails are sent out to your registered email ID with a link to rebalance your investment(s).
      • o To rebalance an alphamatter, begin by clicking the link in the reminder email OR log in on Alphaniti and navigate to the “Quick View” page. The portfolio due for rebalancing will show a “Rebalance” button on the portfolio tile, click on the button to initiate Rebalancing.
      • Please note, for Rebalancing, investments in any alphamatter should be made 45 days or before. If you have invested recently and the period of 45 days or more has not been completed, you will be eligible for the next Quarterly Rebalancing for which you will be notified on your registered email ID.
  • Miscellaneous

    1. Can I create my own alphamatters on Alphaniti?
      • o Build Your Own alphamatter is a feature we are working on and will soon be introducing on the platform.
    2. How do I view my investments?
      • o All investments (bought or saved) made on Alphaniti can be viewed as portfolios on the “Quick View” page. Click on “View” on the portfolio tile to view the stocks in the portfolio.
    3. Where can I download the Capital Gains statements?
      • o The capital gains statements will be available in your account on the on-you broker’s platform or application.

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